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Lights rentals for outdoor parties.

Aurora Experience Inc. is pleased to assist you in creating the right ambiance for your party. 

When people are planning an outdoor evening party, often what is missing is appropriate lighting. Gardens can be ideal for an outdoor party during the day, but may lack suitable lighting in the evening.

We supply a variety of lights that are both functional at night while at the same time create the perfect ambiance for your party.

There are a number of things you should bear in mind when selecting the right lighting for your party.

1. How large of an area will the party cover?

2. Are there multiple areas you want lit?

3. How much traffic will there be in and around the lights?

4. Is there access to a power outlet and what is the distance to that source?

Some of our lights are wired (12 volts).  With wired lights, we supply all wiring as well as an appropriate size of transformer. We also have wireless lights that we will fully charge in our warehouse prior to the rental.  So when selecting the right lights for your party you should consider the questions above.  In high traffic areas the wireless lights are more suitable, but in areas where people are not expected to walk, the wired options might be better.  If you get us to install the lights we try as much as possible to hide the wires to ensure that they are not in people’s way and we will consult with you prior to installation.

Please view the different lights available and determine which types of lights best suit your party.  Then determine how many of each light you need.  Alternatively you can choose from our Package Options.

We can deliver the lights to you and you can have us set up and take down the lights before and after your party.  Delivery and Setup charges do apply. 

Please contact us with any questions:  416 471-8862  or